The Study Information Commons (SIC) is an initiative of Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Library B.J Campus, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur to facilitate to research scholars. It is a 21st century learning space that integrates the expertise of a skilled reference/instruction librarian and technically proficient staff to help the users with their on-spot intellectual and technology needs.

Purpose built comfortable and flexible room for group collaboration and collective tasks for academic purposes as well as individual work areas for serious and focused research in an environment conducive to learning. Quick and guided access to information resources (online and offline) provided with high-speed network, latest computer hardware and utility software’s.


IUB ID card holders with Library Membership are eligible to use the facilities and services.

1) Desktop Computer Workstations: 06 Intel Core i5 Desktop computers with utility software’s, Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2010 installed.

2) Multimedia Systems:  Core i5 multimedia computer installed with media development software to create media presentations, projects and attending online audio/video lectures etc.

3) Printing Support: Get prints of assignments, research papers and projects (on payment) on Black and White (B&W) and color HP Laser printers.


1) Research Help Desk:  SIC Research Help Desk is manned by a professional to serve purpose of on-spot reference and research help. Questions regarding what, where and how to search? Tips and Techs for evaluating information resources, and if needed a short reference interview conducted with the professional makes research easier.

2) On-spot Tutorial:  Dual monitor instruction facility an interactive teaching mode makes On-spot database and other online resource searching easier and effective using different searching techniques.

3) Ready Reference Subject Guides: Handy instruction tools such as Subject guides & online databases description tools are available for instant help and take-away.

4) Article Delivery On Request: E-mail requests put by students/faculty members for online articles not accessible in or off campus are catered. Email requests can be made on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from Monday to Friday.

5) Computer Issuance: Get desktop, and head phones issued/reissued for a 2-hour slot and returned at university ID card from IC Help Desk.

6) Meeting Room Bookings: For presentation rehearsals and group assignments get the meeting room booked in advance. The IT Helper at the desk must be informed of all arrangements in time for a smooth running of the session.

7) Printing services: Get prints of assignments, term papers and research projects at SIC Help Desk on payment. General printing is strictly discouraged and not entertained at Study Information Commons.

How To Procedures

How to get a computer issued?

1. Go to the SIC Help Desk
2. Give your IUB ID card pay Rs. 50/= per hour
3. Get a computer booking card instead
4. Find the issued computer number on the booking card
5. Match the computer no. on the booking card with the computer alcove no
6. Computer will be issued for 2 hours

How to Reissue/Renew the computer?

Computers can be reissued from the SIC Help Desk following the same issuing procedure mentioned above.

How to get prints?

1. Save file in Print Share Drive with roll no.
2. Go the SIC Help Desk
3. Inform file name
4. Give required number of pages ( Rs. 8 per page B & W / Rs. 15/= for coloure
5. Prints will be released
6. Pick up & check your prints

How to Reserve Meeting Hall in advance?

1. The space may be reserved in-person or over phone up to a week in advance
2. Ask about the availability of the room in the required time slot from SIC Help Desk
3. If the room is available, give your name, roll no. day date & time of reservation and other requirements etc.
4. The person reserving the room will take responsibility for the safe usage of facility (damages will be heavily fined)
5. Room is reserved for max. 2 hours per day for individuals & groups on payment.            (Rs. 300/= per hour)

User Policies

Study Information Commons Services and Usage Procedures are governed by specific Rules and Policies. It is recommended for the Study Information Commons Users to understand and remain aware of the following:

User Rights and Responsibilities

  1. a) Right to Access: Study Information Commons facilities and services are restricted to IUB ID card holders only. Anyone not displaying the IUB ID card may be prohibited from entering the SIC area.
  2. b) Cell Phones Ringers on silent: Cell phone ringers must be turned off or set to vibrate while being within the SIC.
  3. c) Noise: The Study Information Commons is a research, study, and collaborative work environment. It is NOT a quiet study area. Conversation is acceptable as long as it does not disturb other library patrons. Head phones and laptop audio features should be kept low so as not to disturb patrons. If you wish to listen to audio, please use the head phones.
  4. d) Food, Drink, and Tobacco: No food or drinks are allowed in Study Information Commons Area. Users are liable for any damage to SIC property caused by careless usage, vandalism, food or drinks. Tobacco use is prohibited in all University buildings and smoking is prohibited within all buildings.
  5. e) Damaged or Lost Equipment or Hardware: Users are responsible for any damaged or lost peripherals or equipment that they had reserved. Please check the equipment booked or reserved for you, before you start using it. If you encounter a damaged computer, please notify the SIC Help Desk staff immediately.
  6. f) Posting of flyers, brochures, or advertisements is not permitted: Only SIC staff and academic support services may post information in the Study Information Commons.
  7. g) The Study Information Commons closes as scheduled: It is necessary to save work in advance of closing time and to leave the Commons at closing time.

Computer Use Policies

  • Computers in the Study Information Commons are for the use of currently enrolled IUB students, faculty, and staff members only.
  • Computer Workstations are available upon prior reservation, on a first come, first served basis.
  • Priority for use is given to those conducting academic or course-related work.
  • Reservations may be done by contacting SIC Services Counter, by email or over phone, during SIC opening hours.
  • Walk-in reservations depend upon the availability of Computer workstations.
  • Any User not reporting at the booked computer station within ten minutes of their reserved start time, the staff may forfeit the reservation.
  • To optimize available resources, staff may regulate and limit use.
  • Please be sensitive to the needs of others and to respect an individual’s rights to privacy
  • SIC Users are expected to take care of appropriate computer usage and refrain from inappropriate use of computers, as follows: