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Chief Librarian Message

Welcome to the portal of Libraries located in different campuses of the IUB, our aim of the Library is to provide the best information and reference services for the users in line with ever changing trends in information and communication technology and the current needs of the university.

The library supports the academic programmes of our university through collections and services, which enable the students and the faculty to access, update their knowledge and information resources. This support empowers our users to develop the information and technological competencies necessary to achieve their educational, research and professional goals. This enables them to succeed in the workforce and applies lifelong learning skills.

Here at the IUB Libraries you will find wonderful spaces where you can access a wide range of resources to support your teaching, learning, and research activities. The key to our success is the dedicated and knowledgeable staff in the Library. I am honoured to work with all members of the IUB team and our community of learners. I look forward for your visit to the library and welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions.

Tariq Mahmood Chohan
Chief Librarian

Our Services
HEC Summon
you can access HEC subscriptions for ScienceDirect, McGraw Hill, Dissertations & Theses, ACM, JStor, Emerald, ebrary and many other through one link as below: Click here:
Corner for Special people
This corner comprising of two computers with printer and scanner is situated in ground floor near circulation counter and a professional library staff is available to assist and facilitate them.
Group Discussion Area
To support collaborative study, the Library provides the following areas with appropriate and flexible furniture for group discussions. Users are reminded not to create excessive noise in these areas during their discussions. It is situated in ground floor near computer lab.
  • Gallery 1
  • Gallery 2
  • Gallery 3
  • Gallery 4
  • Gallery 5
  • Gallery 6